january 31, 2018
I'm excited to announce that I've put out a new Channelers composition, Enclosure with Inner Islands. It's a mellow, rainy lullaby of sorts working with the line between the mundane and the magical. Like how everyday objects and moments are actually rather unfathomable and amazing through a certain perspective. This piece was realized utilizing field recordings and electronics. It's only available digitally on Bandcamp.
Mist updated
november 8, 2017
I added a couple of new tracks to the Mist series of on-going collected tracks. These two new ones are from the time of recording Air & Ether. I also mastered a lot of the tracks for the first time for this update, which will hopefully make the whole collection a more pleasant listening experience! Sending good vibes your way.
Slow Leaf Spell
september 22, 2017
I've released a new album of Channelers work via Inner Islands, called Slow Leaf Spell. This work is really dear to me. To me it feels very ecstatic and completely mellow. Like laying on the ground and breathing and wanting nothing more. The album has some field recordings from a summer in Ohio and from a video game that a lot of people seem to like. I'm real excited to share this one with you. Lots of love your way.
Faces of Love
july 23, 2017
I have released a new collection of Channelers material, Faces of Love, which is out now on Inner Islands. The album consists of two long-form meditative tracks. It's the product of a practice of recording and improvising as a mindfulness practice, playing to listen to and be with the sound. The rhythm of the sound follows the rhythm of the body and the pace of the breath. It's available both digitally and on cassette.
Air & Ether
april 21, 2017
I've just released a new collection of Ashan material, Air & Ether, through Florida label Elestial Sound! It's a joy to be sharing these sounds. For me, they're about the navigating a musical space that both dialogues my physicality and my sense of vastness. 4 live rhythm-driven hypnotic journeys. The album is available digitally and on cassette. Much love.