Mastering Services
description of services
Audio mastering for CD, cassette, and digital.
Software, hardware, and tape techniques are adaptable to your project.
$150 for average-length album (35 to 60 minutes).
$75 for EP length album (25 to 35 minutes).
$35 for individual tracks.
Price may slide for special arrangements.
Please contact me at gentleashan[at]gmail[dot]com to inquire.
selected portfolio
angel angel - long ago digital (Anywhere Is)
angel angel - lilac eye digital (Anywhere Is)
angel angel - silver creek digital (Anywhere Is)
Ant'lrd - Brin digital (Clouding Indefinitely bonus, Inner Islands)
Ashan - Air & Ether CS (Elestial Sound)
Ashan - Ancient Forever (2020 Redux) digital (Inner Islands)
Ashan - Earth Magic Life Celebration CS (Inner Islands)
Ashan - Far Drift Afield CS (Inner Islands)
Ashan - Transfigurations CS (Inner Islands)
braeyden jae - held and holding CS (Bridgetown Records)
braeyden jae - memory chain CS (Patient Sounds)
braeyden jae - turnings CS (Inner Islands)
Cat Kids - The Catkin Bootleg CS (self-released)
Cat Kids - Greenhouse Shed digital (self-released)
Channelers - Entrance to the Next CS (Inner Islands)
Channelers - For Being CS (Not Not Fun)
Channelers - Space Makes Clearing CS (Inner Islands)
Channelers - The Depth of Rest CS (Inner Islands)
Dylan Henner - A Dingo Crossing a Stream CS (Inner Islands)
Endurance - Heteros CS (Moss Archive)
Endurance - Shade Terrarium CS (Constellation Tatsu)
The Ether Staircase - who says you can't CS (((Cave)) Recordings)
Euglossine - Aquatic Station Teal CS (KMAN 92.5)
Former Selves - The Heart Wants CS (Geology Records)
Kenji Kihara - Scenes of Scapes CS (Inner Islands)
Ki Oni - Loxodonta CS (Pyramid Blood)
Ki Oni - TREE TRUNKS digital (Strictly Elevator Music)
Ki Oni - You Made It Out Of The Forest Alive CS (Atlantic Rhythms)
Lunaria - All Is Dream CS (Sounds Of The Dawn)
Lunaria - Asphodel Meadows CS (Geology Records)
Lunaria - Inner Vision CS (Muzan Editions)
Lunaria - Mist And Light CS (Aural Canyon)
Matthew Barlow - Hatha CS (Inner Islands)
Orra - They Mean No Harm CS (Heavy Mess)
Oxherding - Unfolded Along The River CS (Distant Bloom)
PJS - Glows CD (Pyramid Blood)
Rod Hamilton & Tiffany Seal - Moon Lush CS (Sounds Of The Dawn)
Selaroda - viaje a través de sonidos transportative CS (Inner Islands)
Skyminds - Shapes & Traces CD/CS (Internal Rhythm)
Skyminds - Skyminds CS (Auasca)
Soda Lite - Vale & Stone CS (Inner Islands)
softest - six wishes CS (Inner Islands)
Stag Hare - Starlights Gloom CS (Inner Islands)
Stag Hare - Velvet And Bone CS (Inner Islands)
Ultron Atreides - Vulture CD (Pyramid Blood)
Unsolved Mystery - Unsolved Mystery digital (self-released)
Zazz - Soft Harbinger 12" LP (Inner Islands)