general info
This site is designed to encompass many of the creative endeavours of Sean Conrad, me. Many of them are here in one "tidy" place. From 2008 to 2011 I developed a music project called gkfoes vjgoaf. I now pursue musical endeavours as Ashan and Channelers and play in the bands Skyminds with Michael Henning and Orra with Jennifer Williams. I also run the label, Inner Islands. Visually, I also work in photography, illustration, and design. Over the last six or so years I have been honing in my skills with audio mastering, which I offer through this site. I am currently located in Oakland, California.
question & answer
How can I book Ashan or Channelers for a show?
Just send an email to to get in touch.
I would like a print of one of the photos you have on flickr or tumblr. Can you make one?
Yes, I can make one. It may take a little time to track down the negative, scan it, and print it. But it can definitely be done!
Where did that "Ashan: The Gentle Way" book come from and why are you selling it?
It was published in 1985 by my father and written by his friend, Bo Gatewood. It is a collection of lessons transmitted to Bo over the span of about a decade. I resonate strongly with them (strongly enough to name my music after them) and want to do what I can to get them out there.
I run a distribution service. Can I carry your prints/music/books?
Yes, absolutely! Just send me an email and I'll give you a wholesale quote for whatever you would like to carry.
You have music for sale online in a lot of places. From which sources does the money go directly to you?
The money spent at the store on this site and on my Bandcamp sites (the Ashan Bandcamp and the Channelers Bandcamp) goes directly to me. Thanks for your support!